Why Dakakyn

20 years experience in the retail market has taught us that when a client has more information and control over their purchases, a tangible value is gained, and waste is avoided.  

Basically, we're well equipped to pack and deliver some of the best/freshest products available in Egypt. And now we've created a website that gives you access to the majority of our catalogues. So we'll do our best to keep you updated and you can continue to make well-informed quality purchases.

We particularly like being able to help you:

  • Inform us of your exact preferences and needs by suggesting new products you want to find available on Dakakyn.com
  • Browse well-documented products, recipes,  offers, quicklists to get best value, and try something new every now and then
  • Avoid overstocking and throwing food away. Only buy you're exact needs. We offer same-day-delivery
  • Monitor your purchased products and budget accurately, anytime, anywhere
  • Receive your frozen foods delivered in an icebox, and your yoghurt as close to production date as possible
  • Repeat any of your previous orders in a few clicks.
  • Communicate with a well prepared Customer Service team

We look forward to you telling us that you want 'less' or 'no plastic bags', and we'll happily comply. And share with us any ideas for a greener footprint on info@dakakyn.com or call us on 01204417752